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Baby Bounce is an early literacy and music programme, delivered in many English-speaking countries. Classes promote love of language and learning, focus and concentration, socialisation, and parent-child bonding. For non-native speakers, the programme also serves as an early introduction to English. In the crucial development phase of newborn to toddler, children’s brains are in peak language-learning mode. 

The songs and rhymes of Baby Bounce help little ones learn English like a native speaker, developing enjoyment of the language, a natural approach to assimilating it, and greater confidence and fluency. 

Debbie Stowe started Baby Bounce Bucharest in 2018 to offer local families the early-years activities she had enjoyed with her sons in the UK. She released the first Baby Bounce music album the same year. Classes began at Ludotech then moved to Mom O'Clock. Live sessions are currently being held in Herastrau Park.

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Why Choose Us

Early Education

Easy to follow - suitable for babies 

Native Speaker

Debbie is a British author, journalist, editor, English teacher who moved to Bucharest in 2002. 

Online Access

The albums can be accessed from the comfort of your home.